1970's Jeep 4x4 1.0

1970's Jeep 4x4

  1. Rico1990
    A accurate recreation of a 1970's Jeep 4x4 for off road.
    Fully finished interior and exterior. Might end up removing rear ladder and the snorkel.

    128hp @ 4000rpm
    Cast Block 3956cc Aluminium SOHC -12
    Compression 7.8:1
    2 Barrel Carb
    5 Speed Manual Gearbox
    4x4 with Manual locking front and rear diff.
    Working push bar still looking for ways to improve them for all my vehicles and will update as i find ways to improve them.

    default1970_s_jeep_offroad.png 20220213154201_1.jpg 20220213154222_1.jpg 20220213154238_1.jpg 20220213154249_1.jpg 20220213154304_1.jpg 20220213154334_1.jpg 20220213154446_1.jpg 20220213154455_1.jpg 20220213154502_1.jpg
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