1970's Generic Pickup 1.0

1970's Genaric Pickup, Functional Push Bar, 4x4, V8

  1. Rico1990
    A generic 1970's pickup truck.
    Engine V8 299.7hp @ 5000rpm, lots of torque, top speed 306kph
    Push Bar and tow hitch are functional
    4x4 with locking front and rear diffs.

    default1970_s_truck_mk1.png 20220211165413_1.jpg 20220211165441_1.jpg 20220211165458_1.jpg 20220211165532_1.jpg 20220211165731_1.jpg 20220211165746_1.jpg 20220211165858_1.jpg 20220211170302_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. hecker.
    Version: 1.0
    the cars that u have made are amazing but the cars they are white and dont have interior (all the cars) pls help
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