1970 Citroën Méhari 4x4 1.0

A Citroën Méhari modified for off-road use.

  1. Nathan24™

    This vehicle is 4 of 5 in my Citroën Méhari series! This is a 4x4 off-road variant of the Citroën Méhari I made in Automation. I was inspired by a verson that was offered on the real-life car with a 4x4 powertrain, and that variant, the Méhari 4x4, was produced from 1979 to 1983 and costed double that of a standard Méhari.

    Links to other variants (be sure to check those out!):
    1. Stock
    2. Custom
    3. Trackday
    4. 4x4
    5. Electric
    Here is some information about the vehicle itself. This vehicle features some enhances for off-roading such as a 4x4 powertrain and bumper guards. It also features a specially designed hood with a spare tire mounted on it, and the doors were removed to have the look of a proper 4x4. Be careful; the roof for some reason is very weak and brittle, so try to not drive it too aggressively.

    I hope you have as much fun with this as I had making it! :)

    Anyway, since there is not much else to say, here are some pictures!

    screenshot_2021-12-09_20-42-50.png screenshot_2021-12-09_20-43-01.png screenshot_2021-12-09_20-43-17.png screenshot_2021-12-09_20-45-12.png screenshot_2021-12-09_20-45-37.png
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