1966 Royale Micro 1.0

A Tiny Car that started a Big Movement

  1. killercar34
    After The Great Smog of London in 1952, the UK decided that something must be done about Pollution Control. However, there was one big problem, the cars available to Britain at the time weren't exactly eco-friendly, or even nice to drive. Then, in 1959, a man by the name of Edward Royale got to work on a Prototype for his new car Company, "Royale Motors," or "Royale," for short. The prototype was a tiny 2 door car that looked like it could fit through a doorway, which Edward respectfully called "The Micro". The 1960 Micro made just 45hp from it's 0.7L I4, but it was very lightweight, so it was a peppy little car. However, this is the 1966 Model, and this one makes 60hp from a 1.0L I4, and has a extra gear! Needless to say this Micro was the hottest Pocket Rocket around, and even to this day people still love driving this little car around the countryside. Some people even said their Micros were like an extra Family Member rather then just a car. Keep that in mind when you get behind the wheel of this mint example of the '66 Micro, and try not to wreck it!


    1. RoyaleMicro.png
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