1966 AFM Renegade GT 1.0

Defy the social norm at 130mph.

  1. killercar34
    The freedom of the open road has been shut down by the man, choked to death by pitifully slow speed limits and a constant barrage of overweight pigs sitting behind signs in their high speed doughnut carrying boxes. However, the only way to beat a fast power hungry pig is with an even faster car. That's where this beast comes in. Making over 350hp with it's 490 cubic inch Rebel V8 and capable of 0-60 times of less then 11 seconds, the AFM Renegade GT is the ultimate weapon to take back your freedom and break the cage your own tax dollars have paid for. After all, where's the fun in being a square that bows to Big Brother's whim?


    1. AFMRenegadeGT.png
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