1961 Serpent Beverly Sedan 1.0

A huge, squared, early 60's V8 sedan.

  1. Secrane
    While the 1950's were full of sleek, tail-finned cars, the early 60's started preferring more squared off bodies. Serpent took advantage of this beginning in 1961, with the newly redesigned Beverly.


    Sporting a huge 6.7L V8, the not-so-sporty Beverly produces 285 horsepower through a 3-speed automatic. It reaches a top speed of approx. 130 mph, though in a car like this, slow cruising is probably a more preferred endeavor.


    The Beverly's 5.5 meter long body is made of steel, and its plush interior brings the total weight up to 1940 kg, certainly not lightweight. Its suspension is very soft, making a supremely comfortable cruiser. It comes stock on cross ply tires, meaning it prefers long highway miles, not corners. With that being said, there is something special about trying to force a hulking V8 beast through tight bends.


    In terms of safety, all you really have to rely on is the lengthy hood in front of you. There is no traction control, ABS, or anything. The brakes are also very poor, to an almost impressive degree. With that being said, you can still be sure no one will be even close to as cool as you are rolling up in a '61 Beverly.

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    Thank you for downloading my cars, I hope you enjoy them!


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Recent Reviews

  1. IDK158
    Version: 1.0
    Winga Dinga, thats this Thinga
  2. SkippyN
    Version: 1.0
    I love it. To me it is reminiscent of an old Soviet limousine like a Chaika or ZIL. I could imagine this shuttling around Khrushchev.
  3. itzdaechoindawadaa
    Version: 1.0
    Love this!
  4. moses72
    Version: 1.0
    this is really cool
    and btw can you start adding universal beamng wheels to your cars? automation added support for them in a patch
    1. Secrane
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      Universal BeamNG wheels should be available - you can change the wheel hubs on the car from the Automation exported hubs to BeamNG hubs with 4 lugs or more.
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