1934 Albany HotRod Wagon Chopped 1.2

A HotRod Wagon made in Automation!!

  1. Thomsen
    Engine: 8218 cc. (8.2L) 16V Push Rod V8
    Power: 342 kW @ 5.700 RPM. & 573 Nm @ 5.700 RPM.
    Redline: 5.700 RPM.
    Transmission: 4 Speed manual with a RWD Drivetrain.
    Top Speed: 220 Km/h. (137 MPH).
    Fuel Economy: 47.2 L/100Km.
    Engine Weight: 373 KG.

    0 to 100 km/h: 5.11 sec.
    100 to 0 km/h: 95 m.
    1/4 Mile: 13.39 sec.

    Chassis Type: Ladder Frame Chassis
    Chassis Material: Steel
    Panel Material: Steel
    Body Type: 2 door - 2 seater.
    Body Colour: Calypsorot
    Tires & Rims: 125/120R16 front and 275/55R16 back.
    Front Brakes: 325 mm. Solid Discs with 1 Puck Calipers.
    Rear Brakes: 325 mm. SLS Drum.
    Suspension: Double Wishbones front and rear.

    Electronical Help: In 1934? Really?.
    Weight: 1353 KG. (55% front, 45% rear).
    Wheelbase / Length / Width: 2.60 m. / 3.67 m. / 1.60 m.

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Recent Reviews

  1. trooperthegreat
    Version: 1.0
    Great car but did you just copy me by adding a supercharger to yours!?!?!?
    1. Thomsen
      Author's Response
      What do you mean by copying? You are not the only one that can put superchargers on you builds. I watched this (https://youtu.be/xCSz50lMH_o) and decided to put one on my car.
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