0.3 gridpack 1.0

gridmap and grid small pure from 0.3

  1. a plane guy
    resource might be the wrong file, please let me know if the file is incorrect or broken.
    had an extra 20 mins today so i decided to port the last 2 maps from 0.3 that haven't been ported, gridmap and grid small pure.

    its pretty obvious what this is so ill keep it short
    upload_2022-5-7_22-24-25.jpeg upload_2022-5-7_22-24-25.jpeg

    Beamng team: maps
    @a plane guy (me): porting them

    enjoy i guess

Recent Reviews

  1. 1990Nissan240SX.exe
    Version: 1.0
    started playing in 2018 but still nostalgic
  2. Mustang_Boss302m
    Version: 1.0
    This version of the Gridmap is nostalgic for me.
    So thanks!
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