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No. Ok, maybe but you have to look for clues.
Enjoying my New Cable on my G27


from No. Ok, maybe but you have to look for clues.

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    Home Page:
    No. Ok, maybe but you have to look for clues.
    Enjoying my New Cable on my G27
    Greetings, i am a genius idiot.

    Here is random text that i dumped out of my prefrontal cortex.

    If you want to know useless but interesting information or just ask me things, just start a conversation!

    Music tastes, wierd but cool: Synthwave, vaporwave. (Actually i have a soft spot for jazz funk)

    Favourite cars: Wedges and rally cars.
    ( 2004 subaru sti, Lancia stratos, Audi Quattro sport, Skyline R33 gtr.)
    Beamng cars: Bolide, Sbr4 and Sunburst Rs.

    Amerika car bad xd


    here is very epic steamguide pls upvote

    Stuff i consume:
    H a m b o r g
    Doritos cool ranch
    Medium rare steak
    Vanilla coke is best coke and if you say otherwise say goodbye to your spoons

    Games i like: Black mesa, Tf2, gmod, automation, This game for which this forum exist, other games on steam i have many hours on.

    No, im not a furry and never will be. >:/

    I dispise Edgy behaviour. (the idiotic failed attempt)

    Cute behaviour makes me uncomfortable.

    Anime is mediocre

    Keyboard Smash
    hdfusd fsduhf askdug adhfbk asdfyguasydkfasduf asiudhf iausd fhuias df sduyg iu sdufg sdf kjajksgyd fkyusg dfkahsbdf uaysdgf uahsdbf kjhadbsf sdygf ahdsf kajds fkjhds fousd fkjasbdf kjhsdfka sdfkjhsdfjh gaskdjfg kscb ksydgfiu ayegrjah ebriuaydgf asuhdbf asjbfu aysdg fuyasgd fasdygfiuagsydf kahsgdf iuasydgf asdf iuadgsyciuadgsy

    Me : ebriuaydgf asuhdbf asjbfu aysdg fuyasgd fasdygfiua
    Other person : oh i get it
    Me : yeah i just keyboard smashed

    Aliases i am known by:
    Something that might involve something from the ones above.

    Useful tips:

    Do not cause a resonance cascade, microwave casseroles do not like that.
    Do not forget to hydrate your baguettes, they will know.
    Eating tree bark is possible but not recommended.
    Hammers will fix anything, except glass. (I have not researched that method.)
    Water isn't wet.

    Here is some stuff you may or may not be able to read:
    Nederland is het beste land in europa, verander mijn gedachten.
    En als ik door heb dat je google vertalen gebruikt eet ik je magnetron op.



    Hey you, Yes you. Stop Reading my bloody signature.
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