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April 6
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Auckland, New Zealand
BeamNG Modder

LJ Designs

from Auckland, New Zealand

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    April 6
    Home Page:
    Auckland, New Zealand
    BeamNG Modder
    Hello :)

    Stuff about me:

    I'm one of the few active-ish people from NZ on the forums, specifically from Auckland
    It's very nice here and the car scene is pretty good too

    I've always dreamed of either going to Japan to see some true drifting or the US because the storms there are freaking insane and i'd love to see a tornado first hand

    I got to meet and ride in the passanger seat of Jase Browns 1UZ powered S13 Pro Drift car. His car is what I based the 200BX Boss Kit V8 off.

    I sometimes do vector illustrations of cars and am studying graphic design in school

    Stuff about virtual and BeamNG me:

    I have been modding beamng since 2018 and my first real "mod" was a widebody sunburst that was actually better than some of the stuff I make today

    I mod beamng and got into it because it's a really fun time using activity and you can learn a whole lot about how cars work and crash.

    I have discord: LJ Designs#9694 where you can either get some help with modding or just chat with me

    I also have experience with modding mobile games like FR Legends

    I do have a youtube channel where I occasionally stream BeamNG and I have some unfinished tutorials cause I cbf finishing them

    My current projects:
    Ibishu Camilla
    Colby Harrier
    200BX Crawler

    Some quotes:

    "school gae burn", "ebic",
    "Why does le schloop not like me I have awoken"
    "thicc brain"
    - Kueso
    "i only have like 10 wheels" "most vehicles have four" - A conversation between AlpinaFlyer and Alex_farmer557
    "why does that italian lookin ass square headed artist old school hat wearing mf make me laugh my ass off", "tiny coppre", "oh hedebetefe petethepfetetefe", "if youre dedicated enough, you can make anything into a drift machine" "even tho i have like a bizillion degrees of camber and some kilometers of offset"
    "can you literally do a kenwood blender as a prop for beamng" - Alex_The_Gamer
    "yea" - My response
    "i have a folder with too many cursed images" "i bet you do..." A conversation between me and Kueso
    "i have a ver big brian" - me

    Special thanks to the MFD Discord Server for helping with fixing some bugs

    Notable Moments:
    Stoat and Ferrettank staff picked my sunburst rock crawler post
    Nadeox Liked my post about some rims I made and a post in the personal micro-blogs thread

    Sorry Nadeox for the wiki stuff


    Instagram I Youtube I Artstation I Discord: LJ Designs#9694
    Ibishu Camilla
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