Community Mission Routes Contest Winners

Hello, creative drivers!

We’re excited to finally reveal the winners of the mission routes contest.

We were genuinely impressed by the number of submissions we got for this competition, as well as the variety. Some of the routes were creative, some were surprising, and several of the submissions were quite funny.

We applaud your dedication and admire your creativity and enthusiasm! You inspire us to look at the game from different angles and to try things we had perhaps not considered before.

Thanks for being awesome!

FIRST up, we have YellowRusty

Thank you for the detailed description. You did an exceptional job with the story, and your submission had an amazing combination of asphalt and offroad paths. The mission’s difficulty was also well-calculated – the stones were an unexpected (and not altogether pleasant -_- ) surprise. It’s a very hard cargo to move, which added to the fun and challenge of your mission.

In SECOND place, we have two winners!

In second place we have DonRaffo

Excellent creativity in your design choices! You had a wonderfully written story, interesting obstacles on the route, and your imagination shone from every part of the mission. However, the mission you created would be quite difficult to add into the game.

And sharing this spot is Alzer07

Great work on the story! The map choice was great and the route layout was a spectacular tour of the entire Utah map. At the right time of day, the route was beautiful and relaxing. If you’re looking for an excursion on the Utah map, this is a good choice of route. It’s very long, however, so you will need time and patience to finish it. Your vehicle config was also interesting – a nice surprise to add challenge to the mission (warning: spoilers!)

And in THIRD place, we have Entrkot113

Your use of Jungle Rock Island was inspired. Your route really shows off the beauty of the island. Your mission is captivating and spectacularly easy to add into the game.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a few honorable mentions. While these players did not win, we wanted to highlight their work.

To conclude this announcement, we also wanted to tell you of the prize list amendments.

We had to delay the review of entries and, as a consequence, the announcement of the winners due to a number of factors. We decided that it would be only fair to throw in a few upgrades to the prize pool to compensate for these delays. The following are the new prizes:

And to show our appreciation for the honorable mentions, we’d like to offer each of you a game key as well.

To receive your prizes, please contact Leeloo.

Thank you all again for participating in this competition. We are so proud of our creative and talented community. Some of the routes and ideas particularly impressed us, and we definitely took notes on several of them.

Keep an eye out for the next contest!


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