Community Mission Routes Contest

Greetings, drivers!

We wanted to kick off the new year by giving everyone an opportunity to share your ideas for the most interesting and picturesque mission routes and win some prizes in the process.

Submission process and rewards

Any map can be used for this contest, but as for the vehicle we expect you to go at it using the Gavril T-Series. You can use a custom config if you find it necessary. For the cargo, you need to use the Flatbed Trailer with any load of your choosing.

We will collect your ideas through the forums in a dedicated thread. You can provide screenshots of the checkpoints or a video of the complete route, along with a description or a short story to explain your idea. Roleplay is allowed within these submissions.

You don’t have to set up the actual mission yourself, although we welcome you to check out the existing documentation if you’re curious.

You have until 31st of January to present your entries.

Once we collect all submission, the team will review them and select 3 winners:

Guidelines and rules

Creation advice

To prepare your vehicle and load for the ride we suggest the following tips:

We look forward to seeing your submissions and wish everyone the best of luck!


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